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Blue = Seasonal.
Yellow = Guest

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For everybodys comfort

  • We have no pets unleashed.
  • We exercise our pets outside the camping area.
  • We have no pets at the beach, reception and inthe sanitarybuildings.
  • We don’t play football between tents and cabines.
  • We do’t bicycle or walk over others ground.
  • We pick up junk after us.
  • We don’t smoke in campingfacilities.
  • We keep wastewater in closed system (no buckets)
  • We follow comfortrules which you can find at the reception.

If there is anything you are not pleased with let us know.
If your visit here was great tell others about us.

Electrical Safety



The Caravan Club’s national board has, in accordance with the requirements of the Swedish Electrical Safety Authority, decided that only electrical cables with an area of ​​3 x 2.5 mm² and CEE devices shall be used at all campsites. This means that electric cables of smaller area must not be connected to the electric pole.

Safer electricity at our campsites

There are clear rules for how caravans and mobile homes must be connected to the electricity grid when they are set up on campsites. The cable must be no more than 25 m long, the area of ​​the wires must be at least 2.5 mm² and the protective conductor of the cable must be marked with green and yellow.

These rules apply to all campsites in Sweden, private as well as those connected to SCR or Caravan Club.

The regulations also specify which connection contacts are approved. This requires an industrial-type plug, which often goes by the name CEE-don.

The Swedish Electrical Safety Authority has clear regulations on the maintenance of high-voltage electrical installations which, among other things, contain descriptions of periodic inspections that must be carried out by a professional and that must be recorded.

Within the Caravan Club, it is the section boards that are responsible for the electrical installations at the section campsites and the national board for the national campsites. The responsibility normally extends up to and including the power outlet of the installation site.

The camping guest is obliged to ensure that the caravan/mobile home and electrical appliances are designed and kept in such a condition that they provide the necessary safety for people, pets and property. For example, the camping guest is responsible for using approved equipment for connecting the caravan or motorhome.

ATTENTION! The plug must be pushed firmly into the bottom of the wall socket so that there is a proper contact in the device, otherwise the plug can be burned. Due to the above, our campsite hosts will carry out continuous inspections during the season. This also means that the guest is obliged to follow the instructions in the electrical safety regulations both with regard to the connection cable and electrical devices in the awning.

The connection cable must therefore be of an approved type with an area of ​​3 × 2.5 mm². The connection cable can be laid in pipes, but must be easily inspected without disassembling the connectors. It must also be removed when the season is over or when the caravan or mobile home is moved from the site.

Electricity in the awning

Awnings are normally classified as either damp space, wet space or outdoor installation. Minimum requirements for enclosure class on electrical material for these spaces are; IPX1 (damp area), IPX4 (wet area) and IPX4, IPX3 and IPX1 (depending on outdoor location).
Anyone who does not follow the regulations contained in the Caravan Clubs and the campsite’s well-being instructions risks being rejected from the site.

The camping committee at Sollerö camping.

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